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Dance Classes Whitter, CA

Dance Image is one of the most established dance schools in our area and is all Inclusive, all the time. 

We offer a variety of dance classes for all ages and abilities, from tiny tots and beginners to adults and professional level students. You’ll find our dance and ballet classes welcoming and encouraging as we aim to teach through positivity and support, and refer to the guidelines set by Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD). 

Enroll for a FREE trial class to find out if the style you have chosen is suitable for you or your child. Click here to get started with a free class or view the various dance styles below.

Dance Classes Whitter

Class Information

Tiny Stars

If they can walk, they can dance!

Dance classes in Whittier for 1-3 year olds. These lessons are designed for the little, blooming dancer, using a variety of music and props. 

In this beginning level, students will be introduced to ballet, tap and creative movement!  Basic dance techniques and classroom skills are taught in a fun and encouraging environment.

Junior Stars

For the aspiring preschool dancer

We know that each child is unique, which is why Dance Image offers a wide variety of Pre-school ages groups and styles: Combo Classes, ballet, Acro, Stretch, Hip Hop, and Prince and Princess Ballet. 

Come along to discover fun, positive and welcoming dance classes in our Whittier dance studio. 

Cecchetti Ballet Exams

Looking for a serious training track?

The Cecchetti Method is a disciplined system of ballet instruction for the more serious dancer. Cecchetti Ballet students train year-round for Examinations, which are designed to give students and instructors of the Cecchetti Method a greater sense of purpose while ensuring that each level has been successfully accomplished before progressing to the next level.

Cecchetti Ballet classes in our Whittier studio are taken with Ballet Technique and Stretch classes.

Examinations are by recommendation only. Dance Image students have been successfully passing their exams for over 20 years. Contact us to find out more.

Stretch & Conditioning

Extend your dance education

You might think that a Stretch/Condition class is going to help you with your flexibility, leg holds and splits: the fancy stuff. In actuality, it is designed to do that and build up the necessary muscles to support all of those things as well as educate the dancer on how to stretch on their own properly to help avoid injury in the present and future. 

This class is a perfect compliment, and requirement, for Intermediate and advanced levels

Dancing Stars

Adaptive Dance Classes by Certified RWID Instructor, Debbi D. Miller

RWID is a clinically based dance program that customizes classes for students with special needs and individual learning differences.

Instructor Debbi Miller is also certified in ADHD and Autism Awareness AND is the proud mother of a daughter who happens to have Down syndrome. Contact us to find out more.

Twinkle Toes & Tap

Ages ‘walking’ to 2 years

Emphasis is on creative movement. A friendly instructor will focus on creating a fun atmosphere for the young dancer, incorporating song and use of props to aid in teaching basic tempo and movement.

Tiny Tutus Pre-Ballet and Tap

Ages to 2 to 4 years

No previous training necessary. The emphasis in these fun classes is on creative movement. The instructor will focus on creating a positive atmosphere for the young dancer, incorporating song and use of props to aid in teaching basic tempo and movement.

Jazz Technique

Ages 8 years and up

This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, leaps and a variety of  turns.  These classes are recommended to be paired with a ballet class and/or Stretch class.  

Jazz Technique Level 2 and up is by Teacher Recommendation.


Ages 8 years and up

This class will focus on traditional and modern tap styles emphasizing rhythm work in the center, across the floor and in choreography. 

Tap Level 2 and up is by Teacher Recommendation.

Musical Theatre

Ages 8 years and up

Musical Theatre is a theatrical dance style that includes dance technique and acting to songs from Broadway shows and musicals. These dance numbers usually consist of a story being told or a character being formed.  

Musical Theater 2 and up by Teacher Recommendation.

Lyrical (Contemporary)

Ages 8 years and up

This style of dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz, and relies primarily on the dancers ability to express the mood and emotion of the music. This class must be paired with a Ballet class, Jazz class and Stretch class.  Lyrical Level 2 and up is by Teacher Recommendation.

Acro Class

Ages 8 years and up

Level 1 Acro Classes will introduce basic tumbling skills while also working on strength, flexibility and balance.  

Acro Level 2 and Acro Dance is by Teacher Recommendation. Most Level 2 Jazz classes require enrollment in Acro.

Ballet Technique

Ages 8 years and up

Classical ballet technique along with Cecchetti technique will be taught.  

Dancers will acquire grace, poise, and flexibility while learning theory and vocabulary.  Cecchetti Ballet Academy classes are offered for the more serious dancer.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe

Ages 8 years and up

Pre-pointe dancers will learn specific exercises to strengthen the ankle and the foot, as well as strengthen and improve the Core to sustain the demand of Pointe. Pre-pointe shoes are Recommended when the dancer is ready. Minimum age for Pre-pointe is 10 years. Dancers are recommended for Pointe upon the approval and recommendation of the Instructor. Pointe must be taken along with a minimum of 3 Ballet Technique classes and a Stretch class. Contact us to find out more.

DI Performing Group - Jr.
and Sr.

Ages 8 years and up

The Performing Group consists of dancers that have met all of the requirements and have been selected by a panel of guest judges and faculty.  

Auditions are held in August for the upcoming Season.  Competition Teams (groups, trios, duets, and solos) are chosen from Performing Group Members. Contact us to find out more.

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