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What our clients say

In 2013, just a few months after I came from Cuba to reunite with my family in the US, I visited several dance studios to find the one where I would like to work as a Flamenco teacher. As soon as I walked into Dance Image I loved it! The life, the parents watching their dancers through a wide glass window, the organization, all made me fall in love with it. Then, I was greeted by no other than the studio director, Miss Debbi, and her daughter, Miss Elysse. When we started talking, I knew right away I wanted to work with them and at this studio. They were extremely nice, and I liked the questions I was asked. When I met the other amazing instructors and saw how well trained the students were, I was only more amazed. I feel very lucky that they gave me the opportunity to teach at such a great dance studio. While working at Dance Image for 6 years, I grew as a teacher in ways I never imagined I would, I was able to see so many students grow and made me proud, and made friendships I will treasure forever. Thank you Dance Image family!

Miss Liz

Former Instructor

Thank GOODNESS and what a blessing, that Dance Image saw this “safer at home” issue and immediately followed suit by offering online virtual classes to keep my daughter Mia “on her toes” with her dancing. She dresses for class, and joins her friends and instructors all week. This allows her to say hello to her friends and see their smiling faces as they join in class as well. We are grateful that we have this option to continue dancing as we get through this together. Thank you Dance Image for keeping us connected.


Dance Parent

Arianna has been dancing here since she was 8 years old and has been commended on her strong technique. So as you can see we have many reasons to be thankful and as always you have proven to be more than our community dance studio, you are our family. And as such, you were quick to act on this “safer at home” issue and immediately found an alternative and began offering online virtual classes. Thank you for thinking of your students. We are grateful that you are offering a wide range of options for all ages. Arianna has been able to maintain her training. This is our 10th year and it has become our second home. If all plays out well, she will be in New York in the fall. Thank you Dance Image for helping her achieve that dream. It was with your strong core technique training that she was able to ace her auditions for universities such as SUNY Purchase, Marymount Manhattan, UARTS , North Carolina University of the Arts, Arizona State University and a few others. Thank you for helping her reach her dreams.


Dance Parent

My family has been with Dance Image going on five years now. I have three dancers here – my twin son and daughter who are 11 years old and my 15 year old daughter with Down Syndrome. From ballet technique to tap to hip hop and musical theater, this studio offers a wide variety of dance styles to meet our needs and wants. My kids love it here, and so do my husband and I.

Dance Image makes ALL dancers feel welcome! That is SO very important to a parent with a special needs child. This is perhaps the main reason why my husband and I decided that Dance Image was the place for us. My 15 year old daughter with Down syndrome LOVES to dance! And Debbi Miller and her wonderful staff have welcomed her (and my twins) with open arms. This is a place where a child can feel supported, important, and loved. I have never felt out of place bringing my daughter with Down Syndrome here. She absolutely loves her teachers and she is learning to dance! This is a dream I have always had for her, and Dance Image is making that happen! And she absolutely lives for her dance recitals! During the year, Debbi Miller provides fun ways to keep the dancers happy and make them feel special. She publishes a wonderful newsletter monthly, remembering birthdays and special events. The yearly recitals are stellar. And there is so much more!

The classes are taught by top-notch teachers in their field of expertise. From the wonderful ballet classes, to the amazing and challenging tap classes, to the awesome hip hop classes (my son Adam’s personal favorite)! The teachers are among the best in the industry – professional, up beat, and extremely knowledgeable. They dance with their students, demonstrating the proper technique, and make the proper corrections when necessary. They always make sure the kids are properly warmed up before all classes, and they maintain very high industry standards. The classes are on time, well supervised (even on zoom!) and as a parent, you really feel you are getting what you pay for.

Currently, we are taking 12 zoom classes during the week. My three dancers are loving every minute, and it has helped keep them grounded and focused during this unpredictable time. Debbi and her staff are always looking for new ways to keep dancing fresh and fun, while continuing to offer core dance classes which keep on building their dance foundation.

Did I mention that we are very happy here? Dancing is a big part of our life. This is a dance family, not just a place to take dance lessons (physical or virtual). So happy we found this gem of a studio! THANK YOU Dance Image! We are grateful; we are blessed!


Dance Parent