Dora Medina

Dora is a seasoned dancer with 16 years of experience. Born and raised in La Habra, she has trained under many professional dancers and had the opportunity to work with renowned figures like Chloe Arnold and Moises Parra. Dora is very well trained in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop, with her talent shining most brightly in tap dance. Throughout all her dance years, she was a competitive dancer.
Dora has a passion for choreography, enjoys engaging with her students, and loves to express her creativity through dance. She is excited to bring joy, happiness, and sweat to every class she teaches. Dora is also eager to share her passion for dance with her students, aiming to inspire them to love dance, especially tap, as much as she does. Her biggest goal is to instill in her students the same love for dance that she was taught growing up.